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18 December
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In general, all that is needed to cause us to question our findings is a little circumspection, the renunciation of every learned middled-term, which could in a twinkle of the eye degenerate into a hundred year parenthesis. This is the falsity of objectivity and this is the problem with Hegelian notion of mediation as the mode of transition in the continuous process, where nothing endures and where nothing is infinitely decided because the movement turns back on itself and again turns back; but movement itself is a chimera and philosophy becomes wise afterwards. Objectively speaking, this method produces results in great supply, but it does not produce a single decisive result. This is as is expected, since decisiveness inheres in subjectivity, essentially in passion and maximally in the personal passion which is infinitely concerned about one's eternal happiness.


What exactly could be said about me? Well, I love philosophy and psychology. I enjoy reading anything and everything that emplores one to learn more about the individual and society.

This yearning can be rectified by simple fiction like Orwell's "1984" or Huxley's "Brave New World." It can also be tended to by reading up on important philosophical notions such as: Subjectivism, Relativism, Existentialism, Objectivism and the like.

My Existential Philosophy: Phymentique

Phy= Physical
Ment= Mental
Tique= The synthesis of the two.

Essentially I believe a sound mind produces a sound body. However, it is also important to know that a sound body will also contribute to a sound mind. So, essentially, keep yourself physically and mentally up to par, and you will be happy. Further than just keeping them up to par, it's important to understand that they work parallel to one another. Eat right, and work out, and you'll think clearer. Feed your mind with information and knowledge, and you'll actually become physically healthier. I truly believe this, and since it works for me so I claim it as a desirable notion (ah, good relativism).


Acknowledge your contentment,
and you'll grow a strand.

Harbour your resentment,
and you'll lose one.

Grow the strand,
and you'll gain gratification.

Sever the strand,
and you'll endorse disparity.

On a more pragmatic note, I enjoy my work, school, friends, and lovers. I don't need to delve too much into that in this bio, but you can read up on it if you wish in my journal. I'll also write the occassional poem---and this is, again, where practicality is usually lost in favour of my idealistic beliefs.

Here... Learn some stuff completely for free:
(no, seriously, it's on me)



Ethical Relativism




Friedrich Nietschze

Good article on U.S. and Europe
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